The Drugulator

I found this great chart showing how (relatively) safe combinations of drugs can be. I knew I could use my web development know-how to improve it, so I made it into a web app.

My web app is a pet project of mine and is constantly evolving. I do a rudimentary form of user testing on my friends whenever I make improvements. I also put the source code on GitHub for anyone to use in any way they want. This is for harm reduction and education, not profit.

Design, Development, and Interaction

UI, UX, and Development


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Version 6

Modern refinement

This revision was built mobile-first, with a focus on simplicity.

I am extremely proud of this incarnation. I learned from the misteps of past versions and created a balanced, refined, and beautiful tool.

I encourage you to try it out.

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Version 5

Smarter, faster,... sage green-er

In this revision I rebuilt the site from the ground up.

The largest change was under the hood. I replaced a fragile, hand-coded 2D JavaScript array, with a JSON file maintained by TripSit.

Version 4

For designers, by designers, for no one

Users (my friends) were unsure how to interact with this version.

When building this revision I chose to challenge myself by using only black and white. Left to my own devices, I went a little too far and usability suffered.